… and the snow is still here!

Day #2 of our Western Washington Winter Storm Warning…

Wait, is that a smile I see in the above picture?  Wow… momma is SHOCKED!  Thanks for the camera-love, Kingston!

… even if its only because of the kiddos playing in the snow up the street.

This photo kills me… he looks so miserable, but in an extremely a semi-hilarious kind of way!

(Disclaimer: Not once did he fall off the sled; we were very impressed!  Oh, and this is not toddler torture. Kingston loved it. He was all smiles when his ride stopped.)

So he went again… and I joined in the fun.

You know, for thinking/hoping that Spring was right around the corner, I’m not really minding this snow.  In fact, I think it is pretty great.

Bring it on, (potentially last) Winter Storm!


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