Baby {Girl} Blanket

Remember THIS post?  My friend Lynnell’s baby shower is this Sunday, so I decided to make her a fun little baby blanket.

Modern design + traditional pink gingham + satin ruffle edging = LOVE.  Oh, and did I mention the fabric is soft, baby flannel?  Even better.

I think it turned out pretty adorable and cannot wait for her to see it.  I also picked up some darling outfits that I couldn’t resist… my mom is coming to the shower too, so we’re putting together a fun gift bag of goodies (i.e. blanket, clothes, necessities, etc.); can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Baby {Girl} Blanket

  1. i love it! taylor had his favorite blanket which a friend had made for his bqaby shower. he loved that one blanket, he carried it everywhere and he called it babit. we still have a few pieces of it, it was dragged through the mud, pied on, barfed on and even torn up b y a friends dogs that thought it was for tug of war. taylor would run his fingers along the yellow satin ruffle border to fall alseep. i hope this will be this babies special blanket as it is perfect.

  2. aww, thanks Debbie! I hope so too – that is a great story! So far, Kingston doesn’t have a favorite thing like that… maybe I’ll have to make him a similar blanket (but all boy). 🙂

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