Gray walls.

Gray walls have been on my mind for some time when it comes to thinking about repainting our home this summer.  Currently, we have tan walls with an olive-y green accent wall in our living room, entry way, and dining room; in the kitchen we have a mustard-y yellow color.  Sound awful?  It actually looks okay… but is too much color for me.  So bring on the GRAY!

Here are a few shades I have been interested in:

Left: Martha Stewart Living Sharkey Gray, Right: Martha Stewart Living Bedford Gray

Left: Martha Stewart Living Heavy Goose, Right: Martha Stewart Living Driftwood Gray

I am not sure how dark I want to go – after all, I don’t want it to look like we are living in a cave.

So, do you have any tips on how to pick a perfect shade of gray?  How light is too light… and how dark is too dark?


3 thoughts on “Gray walls.

  1. heavy goose driftwood grey! like that one, but would have to see it with your wood work and such, but i like the color. i am a purist in the kitchen, white walls. i must have white walls in my kitchen, it feels “cleaner” to me.

  2. i’ve thought about white too… but we want to do white trim, white cabinets, white subway tile for a backsplash (in the kitchen)… might be just a smidge too much white for me. but i’m definitely a neutral gal, so that is why i am leaning toward gray… and i think driftwood is my favorite (and trev’s too)!

  3. ok, thew hite where you want it works, ezpecially with grey. myt cabinets are a natural maple, maybe a touch less gold than holly’s.

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