Three Things.

{Gifted Salvatore Ferragamo Sandals}

These babies were the hubs’s grandma’s shoes – she purchased them 20 years ago and LOVES them… but can no longer comfortably wear them.  So I’m now the lucky owner of these beautiful sandals – and I cannot wait to have some nice weather to wear them in.  It amazes me that these 20 year old shoes are still in fashion today… funny how that works.

{Vintage Baseball Pennants}

We grabbed 10 0r so of these fun souvenirs from the hubs’s personal collection.  When the hubs was a little boy, he got to pick out a new pennant at each baseball game he went to with his dad… and now they will soon be up in Kingston’s big boy room.  I am taking my time decorating Kingston’s future room… maybe because a certain baby never revealed himself prior to being born…  So I’m soaking this up and enjoying myself!  Plus, the boy won’t be in his new room until much later this summer… so we have some time.

{Pottery Barn Kids Kingston Nursery Collection}

That’s right people… there is now a collection at Pottery Barn named KINGSTON!  I was thrilled to see this – and told Kingston he has made it in this world (yeah, right!).  But seriously – pretty excited about seeing his name in the catalogue… considering my obsession with all things Pottery Barn.  NERD ALERT: I collect Pottery Barn catalogues for decorating ideas and baby names… oh and PS: the above picture is a picture of my Pottery Barn Kids catalogue, because I am cool like that…


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