17 months (1 year, 5 months)

Dear Kingston,

Today you are 17 months, or one year five months old.  You are as active as ever; you love our nightly walks to feed our neighbor doggies treats.  You can say soooo many words now: hi, bye, momma, dada, papa, nana, mimi, dog, kitty, more, no, ball, bubba, shoe… and many more.  Most of your words still need some work, but you’re getting there!  You give kisses on the lips – I LOVE THIS! You found out how to take off your diaper… which means we need to keep our eyes on you to make sure you keep that puppy on!  You successfully backed down our stairs by yourself (I cringe just thinking about this).  You’re an avid little gardner; you love to pick weeds and help daddy in the yard.  Sometimes you pick plants instead of weeds… we’ll work on this.  You are my little “bath time director” – you show me where I can find the bubbles and how to draw the water for your bath.  You are looking more and more like a toddler and less like my little baby; I can’t believe how long and lean you are getting!  You have one more molar that you are working on before you will have your complete set of one-year molars (I sure hope it comes in soon, bubba).  You are more than a little obsessed with “The Fresh Beat Band,” or as you lovingly refer to as “Na Na” when you point and shout at us to turn on the TV.  You only watch one or two episodes a day (if you’re lucky), but you cannot get enough of their songs and cool dance moves.

You’re pretty much my favorite, baby boy.

I Love You!


One thought on “17 months (1 year, 5 months)

  1. i think it hit me that taylor was leaving the “baby look” behind when his feet were no longer chubby but started to look like real feet. i still miss those chubby little feet, now he has huge feet and that sucks even more!

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