That’s right, folks.
My little boy gives kisses now… on a semi-regular basis!
… and I think it has to be one of the cutest things ever.

Pretty much my favorite thing to come home to… besides seeing the hubs, of course.

{Can I get a HOO HA?}

I was so thrilled about this that I asked the hubs to take a photo of Kingston giving me a big ol’ wet one.

This was the best of our photos:

The rest of the photos were terribly inappropriate looking and semi-pedophileish.



4 thoughts on “Smooch.

  1. So sweet! The comment just below that picture made me giggle. The content of the entry overall made me so excited for the fact when I can say the same about my son! He’ll occasionally pop a half-kiss on his daddy’s cheek, but so far? Nothing for me! (It’s the same with saying “dada” and “mama.” He says “mama” once for every time he says “dada,” although he’s far and away a mama’s boy.)

  2. Thank you! I was pretty excited to see the photos that he took, but i tell you what… they totally were not appropriate for posting! 🙂 toddlers are so fun! I completely hear you on the “dada” vs. “mama” battle… now our boy usually cries “mama” when he is whining for something. Just how I want him to say my name! 😉 how old is your little guy?

  3. He’s 18 months old and intent on climbing anything more than a half-foot off the ground! He came home from daycare with a bump the size of his nose on his forehead. Ai ai ai!

    Putting him in the car, he wrapped his arms around my shoulder and exclaimed, “HUG!” I may want kisses and more cries of “mama,” but hugs are definitely not a joy to be scoffed at! 😀 😀 😀

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