Three Things.

{Pretty Spring flowers: Lacy Tulips}

I could not resist these beauties when I walked by them at the grocery store last weekend.  I have always been a fan of Tulips, but Lacy Tulips?  Sign me up.  Don’t you think they just scream SPRING?  Or EASTER?  Love them.

{My Easter dress & cardigan}

Yes, I still buy myself Easter dresses; there is something so fun and girly about the thought of an Easter dress.  I walked by this one a few weeks ago while shopping with my mom and I knew I had to have it.  It was so feminine and unlike any other dress I own (i.e. black/neutral/grey).  Pretty excited to wear it this weekend (I haven’t worn it yet!)…

{Kingston’s Easter Basket, sans eggs}

This will be Kingston’s second Easter… yet I don’t think I gave him anything last year for the holiday.  I was pretty proud of myself, buying him useful fun things that he will enjoy, in addition to two little Easter gifts (all pictured above).  In Kingston’s basket, you will find:

  1. A Percy Train (from Thomas the Tank Engine collection) apple juice drink.
  2. Blueberry flavored whole grain puffs.
  3. A new sippy cup!  I’m actually very excited about this… Kingston has been using the same two sippies since he gave up bottles five or so months ago.  I’m hoping he likes this one just as much.  It has Mickey Mouse characters on it, specifically Pluto (and you know Kingston’s love for dogs).
  4. A Dinosaur finger puppet book.  I know this one will be a hit.
  5. A Disney Cars 155 Die Cast Car (aka Hot Wheels-style toy car).  Another sure hit.
I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend – enjoy your time with family and friends!

2 thoughts on “Three Things.

  1. What a magnificent photo of those flowers! It made me think, “That’s what people mean when they talk about photos ‘jumping’ off the screen!” I wish I had a vase of those for my own table.

    I think any reason is a good reason to buy a girly dress. I love this one.

    Happy Easter to you and yours 🙂

  2. why thank you! i have been trying to improve my photography… different angles, lighting, etc. I was pretty happy with how that one turned out. Oh, and yes – i agree about dress shopping… it just happens so rare now, thanks to my little guy! 🙂

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