Three Things.

{A pair of rose/pearl stud earrings}

I am not one to wear large, overpowering earrings… so when I saw these dainty stud earrings, I knew they would be the perfect addition to my collection.  I plan on wearing them this weekend, for sister’s graduation/celebration.

{12-inch white porcelain cake stand} 

Who doesn’t love a great cake stand?  I found this one, after awhile of searching, for only $25.00.  I was pretty pleased, given the size and quality of the piece.  Now I just need to find a glass dome topper – any suggestions on where to find one?  I put a few of our clementines on top for the photo… but don’t worry, this cake stand will be officially used for the first time this Sunday when I make the hubs’s birthday cupcakes.

{Kingston’s toddler necktie}

This is the tie we decided on for Kingston’s Easter outfit.  Unfortunately, we had to cover the tie up with a sweater vest – he wasn’t too sure about the tie.  We’re going to try it again this weekend… we’ll see how it goes (hopefully I can sneak a quick picture).


2 thoughts on “Three Things.

  1. thanks lady! it is my attempt to write about something other than Kingston (if i can, lol) and work on my photography. glad you like! 🙂

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