After graduation, we got our party on at Brittany’s parent’s home (sister‘s roomie).  TOTAL BLAST, folks.  I mean it – if you ever get invited to their house for any reason… GO.  Very nice people, beautiful property, and a variety of activities to entertain… you will not be disappointed.

The graduates!  Brittany, Kimmi, and Derek (Brittany’s boyfriend).  I’m proud to call you guys fellow Coug alums.

Our boy could not get enough of the trampoline!  He was on it the second he saw it… and was not happy when we made him take a break from it.

(He’s reaching for ice… not the beer.)

Kingston had a blast swinging and playing with Gabe (Brittany’s brother) and Henry (Brittany’s dog).  Oh and yes, that is a tree house over Gabe’s shoulder.  Every kid should check that thing out – not only is it cool, but they have a zip line that takes you from the tree house to their backyard (the hubs wanted to give it a whirl, but Brittany’s brothers weren’t so sure that would be a good idea).


How cool was their neighbor’s horse?  A Norwegian Fjord (their neighbor hooked the horse up to his wagon and took her for a ride to get his mail).  Beautiful.

The hubs saw this go-kart and HAD to take it for a spin… and of course I did too.  Gabe road his motor bike out to show me where their go-kart track is.  Who doesn’t love that?

The Palouse.

*I didn’t get as many photos of the actual party as I had hoped, so maybe we’ll just have to head back for a visit…


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