Three Things.

{Cookbooks; NEW Marie Claire Cookbook}

These are just a few of my cookbooks from my collection – is there anything better than a good cookbook?  I especially love the ones with great photography in them (gives me ideas) and delicious, comfort food recipes.  Sister got me my new Marie Claire cookbook… and it is the best of both worlds, full of unbelievable recipes and gorgeous photos.  I cannot wait to try out a few recipes.

{Medium-sized red ball}

Kingston was pretty excited to add this ball to his collection today.  Today little mister’s turns 18 months old and he made it through his 18 month well-child appointment with flying colors… so we made a little pit-stop at Target on the way home.  Out of all the toys in the store, Kingston chose this ball.  $2.99 later, this ball was his and he fell asleep on the ride home with it in his arms.

{Cream colored bow kitten heels}

I bought these babies when I purchased my Easter/graduation dress.  I thought they would be the perfect addition – don’t you just love the feminine touch the bows give the shoes?  LOVE it.


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