18 months (1 year, 6 months)

Dear Kingston,

Yesterday you turned 18 months, or one year six months old.  WOW.  You are one big boy, weighing in at 30.2 lbs. (92%) and 36 in. (100%); even your noggin is good-sized (99%).  You know some new parts of your body… pointing out your toes, fingers, knee, eye, tongue, and belly.  You can ride your little radio flyer pre-tricycle (sans pedals) backwards and forwards – you’re pretty proud of this.  You know the sign for “food” and use the sign language to show me when you are hungry.  You now have a small fear of strangers and will make a whimper when you are overwhelmed by them (i.e. when everyone is looking at you).  Daddy says you are more of a momma’s boy now, wanting me for pretty much everything.  You constantly want to be outside, rain or shine (hoping for beautiful weather will come sooner than later).  You like to help share and are learning to let others see different objects you have in your hand.  Also, you will sometimes help momma clean up your toys after you’re done playing with them… we’re working on this.  You can reach the top of our kitchen counter now, forcing daddy and momma to make sure everything is put away that you shouldn’t have.  You love to use your footstool to wash your hands in the bathroom – you can tell you are pretty impressed by this.

We can’t believe how much you have changed since you turned one and are ready for the next six months.

I love you!

PS – LOVE the jean diapers on you, boy!

“[Your] diaper is full… full of chic.
When its a number two, [you] look like a number one. 
[You] poo in blue.” 

— Huggies Little Movers Jean Diaper commercial


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