We be yard workin’ (part one)

Since the rain decided to show up a little later today than planned, the hubs and I decided to get a little bit of yard work done while Kingston napped.  Our yard is a constant project – when we first moved in, you could not see more than 5 inches in front of your face, thanks to all of the plants/trees/shrubs/flowers/etc. that the previous owners planted in the backyard.   However, thanks to some major gutting and replanting of grass, we are now on the right track to where we want to be when we think backyard.  However, our side yard/eventual cement patio area has been au natural for a while now… and we wanted a quick fix.

Let the weed removal/ground leveling begin.

So this is the area we decided to tackle today.  In this area, we housed an unlimited number of weeds and stump remains from a gigantic tree we had removed from our yard… about three-ish years ago.  In addition to the large tree, the previous owners also crammed two planter boxes, a small patio, and a sprinkle of other small-ish trees and shrubs in this particular area of the yard.  So when the hubs and I decided to dig into the soil… we had a mixture of different soils, rocks, roots, etc.  We even found a few pennies… which I seem to remember the previous owners had mixed in with their plants(?).

Today we worked on leveling the ground (it slopes down naturally toward the fence) and reusing some red paver bricks we saved from the previous owners landscaping as our temporary patio.

We were pretty pleased with our work… it of course will have to be done in baby steps, in order to get it done sans toddler.

The hubs plans on building a small, three-cement-blocks high retaining wall where the grass naturally ends, which would then lower to our cement patio for entertaining and the like.  We may spread a few wildflower seeds or ivy in between the retaining wall and the patio (a thought that popped into our head as we worked today), but will wait until we get farther along on our project before we make a final decision.  The plan is to expand the patio at least four more rows towards the fence, four to six more rows towards the tree stumps, and possibly two to four rows to the front.

Not bad for approximately three hours of work, right?

Oh, and my body is already feeling it…


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