Three Things.

{Fresh Blueberries}

Yesterday we had a birthday potluck at work… which called for each of us to bring something wonderful to share with the group.  I opted to bring fresh strawberries and blueberries, along with a fruit dip my mother-in-law made for me for my bridal shower.  YUM.  I am definitely looking forward to all of the delicious fresh fruit this summer.

{My new thing: Mommy Magazines}

Last fall when the hubs had his annual magazine sale at school for his students, I opted to order two magazines… Martha (of course) and Parenting: Early Years.  I have always enjoyed flipping through these magazines and they were practically giving the subscription away (two years for $12!), so I jumped on it.  I’ve been enjoying reading different tips and seeing “what’s new” in the land of toddlers.  As for the Working Mother magazine… somehow sister (who is neither a mom nor a working mother) was subscribed to it and she passed it on to me.  Its pretty interesting as well…

{Fresh cut Flowers}

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers in their home?  When I graduated college and started my working life, I decided that I would buy a small bouquet of fresh flowers for my home every week.  The tradition is alive and well and I LOVE it.  The flowers are so fun to see and definitely help add a bit of cheer to our home on rainy, gloomy days.  The farmer’s market across the street from my work opened up and I am pretty excited to check into their flowers soon…peonies for $10?  OKAY.


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