Three Things.

{Gray & White Striped Paper Straws}

Did you notice our straws in THIS post?  I have been eying these bad boys for a while; I think they are the perfect way to enjoy a beverage.  Only downfall?  The straws tend to collapse in your beverage if you don’t drink it fast enough (i.e. paper + wet liquid)… which I suppose means that we need more of these straws in different patterns/colors, right?

{Numbered Mason Jars}

I found these for a steal and had to bring them home.  I’ve opted for using them in our master bath – storing cotton pads, make-up applicators/sponges, and cotton swabs.  Much better than keeping these items in their original plastic and cardboard containers… and the jars are fun additions to our master bath decor.

{Nail Polish + Paint Chip}

Aren’t those nail polish colors fun?  They reminded me of summer… which we might get a glimpse of this weekend in Western Washington (YES!).  I am currently wearing the turquoise color, called “Turquoise and Caicos.”  The paint chip?  I think this is the gray we have settled on for our new wall color in our home.  We’re getting close to installing new solid hardwood floors… which means it is time to get going on the walls.  We matched several gray paint chips up to the flooring we like and this one was our favorite.  I can’t wait to get going on our home improvement projects this summer!


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