2011 Fun Run & Junior Jog

This year, the hubs’s family decided to participate in the fun run and junior jog portion of the Forest Festival (an annual event put on by our county).  There were 5 of us total (along with 3 kiddos) who completed the 2-mile run and walk; the hubs’s sister and her family, the hubs’s parents, Kingston, and me.  No hubs – he had prior softball commitments.  We all had a good time… it was a great workout!

Immediately following our run was the junior jog.  This jog was supposed to be for 3 to 5 year olds, but we were able to enter Brooklyn and Kingston into the run… as long as they could walk, which they can, and an adult accompanied them, which we did.  It was a quarter-mile jog… and Kingston jogged the WHOLE thing.

Because I was busy workin’ it during the 2-mile run, I didn’t take any photos… but here are a few from the junior jog:

The Fobis

Kingston and Papa

Brooklyn and Papa helping Kingston cross the finish line

After getting his prizes (a medal and book), Kingston found this wall to sit against.

So we took some photos:


2 thoughts on “2011 Fun Run & Junior Jog

  1. What fun! And all the kids were so cute! Way to go Kingston, looks like he’s gonna be a little All Star!

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