19 months (1 year, 7 months)

Dear Kingston,

Today you turned 19 months, or one year seven months old.  You are Mr. Personality these days – you will do anything for a laugh!  You’ve had your first taste of swimming this summer… and I think we might work on some swimming lessons with you at an early age (you are not a fan of life vests, baby floats, etc. but can’t get enough of the pool).  While there are several foods you do not like, you absolutely LOVE broccoli.  You are working on your jumping… climbing on everything and attempting to jump off (this slightly scares momma).  You are kind of attached to your penguin pillow pet (i.e. no toddler laundry before bedtime).  You are such a big boy at the park – you love to climb up the play toys and go down the slide by yourself.  YOU EAT DIRT… we’re working on this.  You now say “wow” and are working on two-word phrases (specifically “oh no!”).  You have had your first haircut, and are almost ready for a second one.  When you give kisses, hugs, or high fives, you have to give them to everyone in the room.

You are a very social toddler and we are loving every minute.

I love you!

PS: Taking today’s pictures was a small challenge, but daddy and I had fun making a game out of it with you!


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