Step one…

We had a busy weekend away, visiting Portland/Hillsboro and seeing sister’s new apartment (very nice!).  So… no three things post… but a sneak peek at a little before and after work around our home:

— “BEFORE” —


What started with a little looksy in the wall behind our kitchen bar ended up with complete removal of the bar.  See that appliance in the middle of the floor?  That would be our dishwasher.  Whoever thought it would be a good idea to put the dishwasher that far away from the sink… not very handy!  Tomorrow we will be speaking with a plumber about moving it against the wall (where the trashcan is in the photo).  Step one of our mini-remodel this summer, CHECK!

The next step will be to check into the potential of removing the wall in between our kitchen and living room (the wall on the left of the refrigerator in the above photos).  Hopefully this step will come soon… our floors have shipped and should be here within a few weeks!

Just seeing this little bit done makes it seem so much more real… LOVE it!


3 thoughts on “Step one…

  1. Exciting!! Wow, looking at these photos makes me realize our kitchen re-do CAN happen!
    I cannot wait to see the finished kitchen… and the floors! Keep up the hard work!!!

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