Three Things.

{Blue & White Star Baking Cups}

I found these paper baking cups at the store two weeks ago and I just had to bring them home.  They were part of the fourth of July display… but I think they could be used any time.  I love blue and white together… and I love how the stars are scattered over the cup.

{Flowering Backyard Bush}

I absolutely LOVE this bush, although I am not quite sure of its name.  It came with the house and isn’t very pretty most of the year… but for the few weeks that it blooms, this is what it looks like.  This bush is right next to honeysuckle and the combination makes the best. scent. ever./most lovely landscaping.

{Oregon State University Toddler Cap}

Because we are finally having some sun around here (yay!), Kingston was in need of a hat.  I found this one when I went down to Portland last weekend and thought it was adorable on him.  The best part about the hat?  Kingston will actually wear it… you may remember seeing it on him HERE.  With all the Oregon State fans in our family, this hat has definitely been a crowd pleaser!


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