Oh, hi there.

Is it just me, or does it seem kind of early to be the beginning of July in a few days?  Craziness.  This year has really flown by… and so have the past few days.  We received notice that our floors are in and ready for pick-up, so we have had a lot of decisions to make and finalize… to include the following:

  • “Open” concept for the kitchen.  Because our plans have changed due to the non-removal of one particular wall, we have to design a different island for our kitchen.  I can’t seem to find exactly what I like at the moment, so we are going to try to go without one for a while until we find the perfect fit for us.
  • PAINTED cabinets.  We have heard both good and bad stories involving painted cabinets… but we’re pretty much 99.9% sure we are going to attempt it.  We don’t have very many cabinets to paint and I have read a few blogs/websites with pointers; besides, it will be awhile before we can actually replace our cabinets (which is the eventual goal)… so why not try to spruce up the ones we currently have?  More on this later.
  • Gray walls.  As I have mentioned before, I love me some gray walls…. as well as beige, tan, off-white, etc.  But the hubs and I talked about it, and we’ve settled on a gray color that will fit our home the best (given the amount of light our home gets).  And you know the best part?  We have a little hook-up for a pretty sweet deal on some great paint…
  • NEW countertops.  Yep, that is right.  The hubs and I decided to replace our countertops (especially if we end up painting our cabinets).  Pretty darn excited about this one.
  • Added “pantry” cabinet and shelves in the kitchen (this makes my little decorator heart go pitter-patter).
Good thing I will have five days off this upcoming weekend… all of these projects begin July 1!

2 thoughts on “Oh, hi there.

  1. I am looking forward to seeing your progress! I love home remodels but especially kitchens and since we rent we can’t do much so I will enjoy seeing what you do.

  2. thanks carla! 🙂 we start painting tomorrow, so i am pretty thrilled. floors come home on friday, but i think they have to adjust to your home for a week before installation (?). but i will definitely report on each step of our progress. 🙂

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