Wonderful is this paint:

Seriously, run – don’t walk – and purchase this paint if your ceilings need a little lovin’ (like ours do).  This stuff is amazing… I can’t praise it enough.  When we first painted the interior of our home three and half years ago, we did it speedy quick and with a non-ceiling paint.  We wanted something a little darker and thought an off-white shade would do the trick.

But do you see how much brighter/lighter it is than the off-white?  LOVE IT.  It look so fresh and crisp.  I cut in and finished painting the dining room and plan on finishing up the kitchen tonight.  I know I’ll probably be sick of painting after this weekend, but right now I am loving it!

(Oh… and now you can see why we are re-painting our walls.  Olive green + mustard yellow walls = YIKES).


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