Three Things.

{Spooner Strawberries}

Next to December, July is probably one of my favorite times of the year.  One of the biggest reasons?  Fresh berries; specifically Spooner strawberries.  They are to. die. for.  So popular around here, I had to have the hubs stand in line on Wednesday morning for a flat – they were sold out when we went early Tuesday afternoon.  We’ve been enjoying them as is… but when you add a little fruit dip?  HEAVENLY.

{NEW Wicker Lamp}

I found this lamp on clearance last weekend and had to snatch it up… I loved the look and feel of it (Pottery Barn-ish?).  I can’t wait to show it off in our soonish-to-be completed living room (photos to come).

{Backyard Wild Roses}

I’ve been pretty pleased this year… our wild roses are in bloom!  Because they are on a vine, I try to wrap it through our arbor every year to keep the roses steady and secure.  Wild roses = very delicate, or at least ours are anyway.  In years past, a little touch would knock all the roses off.

LOVING that it is officially summer!


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