20 months (1 year, 8 months)

Dear Kingston,

Last Wednesday (7/13) you turned 20 months… or one year, eight months old.  You officially throw tantrums and are quite good at it; can’t say we’re too excited about this.  But at the same time, you are such a good little sharer… sharing toys with other toddlers around you.  You are now a fan of “hot dog…” or “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” as most kiddos call it.  You are obsessed with the Holly berries that have fallen into our backyard, wanting to hold them (as pictured above) and even taste them (YUCK).  You can walk up and down our stairs now like an official big boy, holding onto the banister and scaring momma just a little with each step.  Your new best friend = your penguin pillow pet; you would carry that thing around with you everywhere we go, if we’d let you.  You have the best time swimming… and are even learning how to kick your legs and move your arms to get around in the pool.  You have developed a little “momma complex” now; you desperately want me when there are “strangers” around and get pretty upset when I hold another baby or pay another toddler some attention.  You love to brush your teeth and can even say teeth now.  You absolutely love strawberries and cherry tomatoes.

Your 2nd birthday is only four short months away… when did you get so big, lil’ love?

I love you!


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