ALMOST there.

The hubs should be completed with the installation of our hardwood floors… tomorrow.  TOMORROW!  This is exciting news, people.  This means we can work on more little projects around our house to complete our summer mini-remodel.  Pretty happy.

The remainder of the kitchen/dining room (about 50 square feet), the pantry, a closet, and a few pieces by our bay window/wall are all that is left for the hubs to install.  Once all the flooring is installed and we have purchased, painted, and installed our baseboard, our next project will be to paint our kitchen cabinets (although the hubs may say this is my next project).

I am looking for a clean, crisp look for our kitchen cabinets… white cabinetry.  We can’t really afford to do a complete kitchen overhaul, so we are opting for the next best thing: painted cabinets.  I have tried my luck at painted window sills and am pretty pleased with the results (post coming soon).  So my plan is to practice painting the cabinets that we removed from above our (non-existent) kitchen bar.

We are all loving the changes that are being made to our home… including Kingston.  Nothing sounds better (to him) than the sound of his yelling/screaming/shouting voice bouncing off our bare walls/floors.  He also loves the way he can run around the house without furniture getting in his way.  Gotta love toddlers and mini-remodels, right?


5 thoughts on “ALMOST there.

  1. thanks rebecca! i have not heard of that… i will definitely have to check into it! 🙂

  2. yay for new floors!! I love them and you guys are amazing for all the hard work. We are also painint our cabinets soon(this weekend or next) and I am so not looking forward to it because we have so many cabinets!! Can’t wait to see your “after” photos. Missed you!!

  3. aww, thanks! i checked your blog often for updates (even before your return date, lol). 🙂 glad that you are back… and i can’t wait to see your cabinet painting skills (we will probably start at the end of August/beginning of September). YAY for home improvement projects!

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