Are you keeping count of all the baby/toddler girls in our family?  There are a ton… with two boys in tow, Kingston and Carson.  While we love our girls, we also love getting the two boys together for some quality time.  And… matching outfits (seen HERE, HERE, and HERE).  I know Kingston will kill me some day for all of our photos (Carson’s momma Lindsey also has her fair share), but we can’t resist!

This picture was taken last year at the hubs’ family reunion:

Carson (7 mo.) and Kingston (9 mo.)

And this picture was taken this year (last weekend), with the boys wearing the same shirts:

Kingston (20 mo.) and Carson (18 mo.)

Oh, and just in case you were curious… we did not miss our opportunity to dress the boys in matching pajamas:

…  maybe I can convince Kingston these photos aren’t lame and a great way to watch the boys grow over the years?  Hmmm…

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