The boy, a reunion, and some practice baking.

BUSY weekend… this seems to be the norm for us lately.

This weekend I spent a lot of time with my lil’ love, walkin’ down memory lane at my high school reunion, and “practice baking” for a work function this week.

The hubs installed Kingston’s bike seat on the back of my bike (the exact bike seat pictured in my blog header above!) last week, so we took a few spins through the neighborhood this weekend.  Mr. Kingston, my busy-body little toddler, is absolutely SILENT during bicycle rides.  Not scared.  Not upset.  Just quiet, taking it all in and enjoying himself.  Unfortunately, I do not have any photos to share of our bicycle rides yet…

On Saturday, the hubs and I left Kingston with my parents and attended my 10 year high school reunion.  SO WEIRD, I have to say.  I was on the fence on whether I wanted to go or not… and I am glad I did.  That being said, however, it was very awkward at times and ended with a bit of sadness (see HERE).  But we were able to reconnect with a few people and the hubs even won a bit at the Casino.

We are having our summer work party this Thursday.  The theme this year is “Carnival,” with a cake walk as one of the several games to play.  I volunteered to make two dozen brownies for the cake walk… but opted to make them semi-from-scratch (aka box brownies).  Don’t worry… I didn’t skimp on these bad boys; Ghirardelli all the way.  And as the good wife that I am, I made a practice batch for the hubs – you know, to make sure they tasted great and are good enough to bring to work on Thursday…


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