Remember my sweet, perfectly un-scarred little boy?  Well, last weekend changed everything.
(So dramatic, I know… but he’s my baby boy.)

It all happened Friday.  Earlier that afternoon, I had the hubs go to the doctor to check out his right-hand pointer finger.  Long story short, the hubs received antibiotics and body wash for his situation… which made me wonder if Kingston may have the same thing.  See, they both had a few boils pop up on their bodies… and Kingston’s was starting to spread like a mini-rash all over his body.  So off to urgent care we went.

Once at the clinic, both boys were checked out and labs were sent for further study; all we were waiting on was a prescription for Kingston, when it happened.  Kingston was playing with the privacy curtain in the room, specifically playing peek-a-boo, and having a good time.  Next thing we know, Kingston has slipped and/or tripped and is on the floor.  He is hysterical.  I bend down to check him out… and he is bleeding.  Bleeding pretty good… all over.  On my hands, on my feet… and I realize the blood is coming from a pencil eraser-sized gauge in his forehead (he hit his forehead on the door hinge).  I FREAK.

The boy ended up getting three stitches in his forehead after what seemed like years and the most nauseating time of my life.  I was bothered by it over the weekend (pretty sure my nerves were shot) and still find myself thinking about it at least once daily.

Kingston is doing very well, repairing like a champ.  He doesn’t even seem to be affected by the big bandage on his forehead… and has had minimal pain reliever for his injury.  Probably the most upsetting to him is how we now take baths:

These sink/sponge baths are a first for him – Kingston didn’t even take sink baths when he was a newborn.  Until the stitches are removed and we get the “A-Okay” from his doctor, we will continue this way (no water on the injury/stitches).

I know that stitches are supposed to help and possibly limit infection/scarring to the injured area, and Kingston got the stitches within minutes of the accident due to it happening in the clinic… but I can’t help but think Kingston will have a scar as a result of this little accident.  The idea of a scar bothered me so much on Friday night, that my sweet hubs made a trip to the store when we got home and bought some Mederma.

Anyway, this is how his forehead looked this evening, during our bandage replacement:

Do you think he will have a scar?


5 thoughts on “Scarface

  1. he may have a small one, but it adds to all the cool stories he can tell the giels when he gets older. he can make so many of them up and they will think he is so great. taylor has a great scar under his chin, and that is also an awesomme story.

  2. don’t worry, it makes him look tougher and all. i like a rough little boy, not a naughty one who beats people up, but one who can take a tumble and not be bummed forever. he looks great, and childhood is about testing limits and sometimes they get hurt. taylor should have had stitches and didn’t. it all adds character to their appearance and i love it.

  3. SAD DAY. Poor little man!! It must hurt/bother him a lot. Hey, I don’t mean to sound cliche, but scars are part of life and unless they are really badass/ghetto, they are kind of charming and add character to a face. Plus, it is always a way to brake the ice with the ladies.. don’t we always want to know the story behind a scar?? … . not that he will be doing that any time soon, but one day 😉 I hope he feels better. xxo

  4. surprisingly, it didn’t bother him all that much! i think my boy has a high pain tolerance (oh joy). we only gave him advil on saturday, and he probably could have done without it… craziness. my husband keeps telling me: “chicks dig scars.” 🙂

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