Three Things.

{Fresh Blackberries}

Why are some of the blackberries light in color, you ask?  Well, we picked these VERY fresh blackberries from our yard yesterday afternoon… and want to schedule time with the hubs’ grandma this weekend to make a homemade blackberry pie.  So in order to keep them plump, delicious, and ready for baking, we had to stick them in the freezer.  YUM.

{“Fresh Flowers” Bath & Body Works Candle and Sleeve}

I purchased this candle during the store’s big sale event a few months back and absolutely love it!  The scent is so light and airy… pretty perfect for a summer day.  And the sleeve; how great is that?  I love the look and was totally sucked in to buying the set (What can I say?  I’m a sucker for a great decorating deal!).

{“Domino: The Book of Decorating”}

I absolutely LOVE this book and strongly suggest it for anyone who loves to decorate.  It has some pretty great ideas on how to spruce up your home, how to place decorations in each room, and how to mix and match different styles.  I plan on studying up as much as I can before we bring the rest of our furniture back into our home after our summer mini-remodel (yes, we’re still not fully moved in… and yes, we are still not fully done yet with our mini-remodel.  SOON!).  Full of inspirations, it keeps me motivated to wrap everything up in our home before Fall is here!


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