Kitchen Wainscoting and Pulls

The hubs and I made the following house project plans for today:

  • Continue working on baseboard
  • Install wainscoting on kitchen wall
  • Make a decision regarding new pulls/hinges for soon-to-be painted kitchen cabinets
We finished framing the door to our garage (from the dining room), installed the bead board wainscoting (minus the top chair rail piece), and continued working on our baseboard… until the hubs got called in to work (he forgot about his meetings today; whoops).  Anyway, here is a glimpse of our newly installed wainscoting:
Instead of buying the one long, continuous piece of bead board wainscoting, we opted for a “click together” option… which actually made for a better fit along our wall.  As I mentioned above, we are missing the top (chair rail) and need to paint the base board… but I think it already looks pretty fabulous.  We plan on hanging a chalk board above the wainscoting; I think we will be okay with the fact that this wall has to stick around when all is said and done.
I know the cabinets are not white yet (soon!), but I went ahead and purchased one new pull to determine if we should make the switch from brushed nickel to matte black… and I think we will.  I absolutely LOVE the look of the new pulls, and I think they will look great with freshly painted white cabinets.  While running out the door, the hubs informed me that he did not have to work tomorrow, so we plan to put in a full 8+ hour day wrapping up little odds and ends around our home from our mini-summer remodel.  If all goes well tomorrow, I will hopefully get to start painting the kitchen cabinets Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Wainscoting and Pulls

  1. Wow! I love all the updates. I think those blank handles are going to look amazing with the white cabinetry and I love wainscotting- it’s looking so great. Oh, and I saw an idea in a magazine that made me think of you- not for the kitchen, another project. I’ll have to scan it and email it to you sometime. For now, good luck with the kitchen! : ).

  2. thanks rebecca! i am loving the transformation our home is taking – nothing like a good DIY project(s)! 🙂 yes! – please send me the idea you found… i am always looking for new inspirations/ideas! 🙂

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