Last post of summer.

Or at least I think it will be, given the weather we are having today/this week.  Last weekend we made plans to hang out with our friends, the Johnson’s.  With it being around 90 degrees, we decided to have an impromptu pool party at my in-laws’ home.  We had a blast… and took a few photos:

{Kingston & Lily, trying to move away from a quick photo}

{Baby Emily}

We have some pretty cute videos of Kingston swimming too, including this one where he wants everyone to clap for him…

Summer, you will be missed!


4 thoughts on “Last post of summer.

  1. Wow! I was so shocked and amazed by that video!! Kingston is amazing!!! Ridge still freaks out when he gets water in his face during bath time and Kingston is swimmig with his whole face under. What and amazing kid! Wish we could have come out there with you guys but maybe next summer. Hope to see you guys soon.

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