New room for a big boy.

As I’ve mentioned before, we moved Kingston out of his nursery and into a big boy room (nursery seen HERE).  Because he gets into everything, is a climber, and is pretty much a busy-body boy, we decided to make Kingston’s room pretty sparse… especially since he can get in and out of his bed.  He has a few toys for when he wakes up early, but the room is pretty much a sleep zone.

No toddler bed for this boy – we opted to transition Kingston to a twin bed (with trundle) instead.  With Kingston being so tall, he can easily climb in and out of his new bed.  The pennants hanging above Kingston’s bed were the hubs’ from when he was a kid; he and his brother would get one when they went to baseball games.

I love the quilt.  I picked up this quilt from Pottery Barn Kids – a big splurge for a big boy’s room, since most of the items in the room we already had or were gifted to us.  I loved that it had all of the American League teams, including the Mariners.

To the left of Kingston’s bed is his bookcase (attached to the wall) and his rocking chair (which was the hubs’).  We put a few books, toys, and games for the little man to play with if he wakes up early.

We also put a basket at the end of his bed to hold all of his stuffed animals.

The hubs’ was an avid baseball card collector… so we picked a few of the reproduction cards that were done in the 90’s of historic baseball players and framed them.  we also brought over Kingston’s “K W C” from his nursery and put them on the wall in between his closet and his bedroom door.  The last photo shows you a glimpse into Kingston’s closet – where you can find his toy box and dresser.

So much fun to decorate… and Kingston loves it!


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