Bath time, according to Kingston.

Step One: Sweet talk/convince momma to have your nightly bath in her jetted garden tub.

Step Two: Be sure to bring a sneak a few non-bath time toys into the bathtub while she is getting your towel and pajamas ready.  Play innocent and ignore her when she finally sees what you have done.

Step Three: FINALLY say cheese for the camera, after you find that momma isn’t mad that you brought the toys into the bathtub.  Look pretty darn cute while doing it.

Step Four:  When coyly turning away from the camera, notice the valve in the tub and how you can see your reflection in it.  Get closer for a better look.

Step Five: Enjoy!  You just remembered that the best part of bath time is the BUBBLES!  Hooray!


2 thoughts on “Bath time, according to Kingston.

  1. thanks! i thought it was a fun idea – since he seems to be such a silly guy during bath time each night. 🙂

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