Do you Pinterest?

Thanks to a friend, I finally found out about the wonders of Pinterest.  If you aren’t familiar with the website, it is a place where you can gather, collect, and share ideas that you are interested in.  It is a great way to find inspirations, which I love.  I am still working on my boards… but here is a glimpse at what my pinboards look like:

I currently have 8 boards:

  • DIY
  • Baking
  • @ Home
  • Little Loves
  • Photog Stuff
  • VIP Events
  • Dinner Inspiration
  • Fashionista
I have been moving most of the pages/articles/websites I have as favorites on my computer into the categories above; I love how organized all my online thoughts can be now.

Let me know if you have a page or start one – I would love to follow you!


4 thoughts on “Do you Pinterest?

  1. I have a page and have been accumulating many hours of my life to it….. silly addictions? Now I just have to take the ideas and actually DO them. Hmmm, what a concept!

  2. seriously, i hear you! so many, many good ideas… its almost like i am not quite sure where to begin! 🙂 love it though!

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