To kitchen island… or not.

This is definitely going to be one of those posts were I am open to any and all feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc.

You see, I am trying to decide what type of kitchen island is right for our kitchen space… or not. Removing our kitchen peninsula/bar earlier this year left us with little counter space.  While we have been managing, I sometimes find it would be nice to have a little extra room.  But with this in mind, we really really love the way our kitchen is so very open now.

A kitchen island was always in my remodel dreams, but without removing our wall… I feel that a built-in cabinet-style island is not appropriate for our space anymore.  I feel it would make the room feel smaller and cramped… but maybe I am wrong?

Here are a few images I found online of different kitchen islands I like:




I guess I really am leaning towards an island that could be removed, if I want.  Something that could also be used in another area of our home if necessary.  But again… all advice is welcomed.

So, what do you think?  What do you like, or don’t like, about a moveable/non-stationary kitchen island?  Keep in mind:  I am not interested in a kitchen island cart (no wheels please).

Thanks (in advance) for your help!


2 thoughts on “To kitchen island… or not.

  1. i have a friend who created one out of an old door and added legs and supports and wheels on castors.. it turned out very neat and kind of rustic. being on the wheels it could be easily moved and all for parties and what not. not having been in your kitchen i havent seen the space and can’t judge the size but i do believe you and trev could come up with a really great design. it doesn’t have to be complicated at all and it would be a great and easy weekend project.

  2. that sounds like a creative idea for an island! i like! after posting this, i think a square shaped island would be best for our area… and i may try to sweet talk trev into helping me build one! 🙂 we’ll see if i can make my idea in my head come to life!

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