Progress: Kitchen Cabinets

This weekend we scheduled some time to work on our unfinished house projects.  My choice?  Our kitchen cabinets (I’ve previously shown them HERE and HERE).

I added a third coat to the base of our cabinets (I will apply a total of four) and worked on the cabinet door fronts.  I absolutely LOVE how they have turned out!  The cabinet doors sanded down nicely and seem to have taken the paint very well.

I am painting our cabinets with THIS paint, which will be an extra high gloss finish… perfect for kitchen living.  I still need to paint the inside of the cabinet doors and add one (maybe two) more coats to the face of the cabinet doors.  Did you notice that we added trim to the base of our cabinets (the quarter round)?  I convinced the hubs that this was a much-needed addition, and I love how it makes the cabinets look more finished.

Here is a glimpse of our kitchen area… please ignore our ceiling that still needs to be patched… but hopefully you can get an idea of the size.  I am standing next to our tall kitchen cabinet, next to the dishwasher.  I’ve decided that I would like to replace our lovely green laminate countertops with a grey/grey marble-ish countertop.  I think this would look the best with our color scheme.  We will paint the upper cabinets white, add black pulls to the cabinet doors, paint the hinges black (to match the pulls), install a back splash on the wall with the stove… and add a square island.  Yep, I’ve decided a square island would fit the area best.  I would like the island to have a butcher block top… I think.

Definitely a work in progress… but hopefully done before next summer?


4 thoughts on “Progress: Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Oh, man, we have been painting our kitchen cabinets white for six weeks now. It is a total pain in my behind. We finally finished and used the wrong paint protector and ALL the cabinets turned YELLOW!!!!!! It looks like someone peed on them. UGH. What a disaster! We have to sand them a bit, do another coat of primer and another coat of paint. So yeah, basically, and to put it mildly: FML.
    Your cabinets look lovely! It looks so easy when you read about it in someone else’s blog!

  2. wow, yeah… painting cabinets is more challenging than it looks! my photos only show the fronts of the cabinets; i still need to paint the inside of each drawer/door. and the upper cabinets. bleh. can’t wait to see your photos of your cabinets. what paint were you using and how quickly did they turn yellow? :-/

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