23 months (1 year, 11 months)

Dear Kingston,

Yesterday you turned 23 months… or one year, eleven months old.  Your big thing this month?  Jumping off of EVERYTHING; from the couch to the ottoman, ottoman to the floor, bed to the floor, (attempted) couch to the exercise ball – you are quite the dare-devil.  You know when we are driving on each of your grandparents’ roads, immediately calling for “PAPA” (both grandpas are papa).  You love to pretend play now, driving your cars around your room or playing a game with your ball.  You have your first cold of the season and seem to be faring quite well (considering it started with croup).  You have been displaying your sensitive side quite a bit this month; you love to play with baby dolls at daycare… feeding them, rocking them, pushing them in a stroller, putting them in a crib.  You are a boy who knows what he wants and love to express those wants through tantrums (your terrible twos have hit HARD).  You love to help with the chores by holding the dust pan for momma when I am sweeping, or using the Swiffer to pick up the left over dust bunnies.  You seem to be finding an interest in the potty… while you haven’t actually used the potty yet, you like to sit on it and pretend.  You are quite the climber; you can climb up daddy’s ladder, all the way up to the attic.  Your favorite word is “owie.”

Kingston, you will be TWO next month!

I love you very much,


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