Cookie Monster Cupcakes – Take 1

With Kingston’s birthday party only one week away (ONE WEEK!), I have been busy planning everything we need to make it one fun celebration.  It will be a small family/friend get together, with a few kiddos for Kingston to have some fun with.  So, why not make some fun cupcakes for the kiddos?  AND – thanks to Pinterest – I’ve decided to make Cookie Monster cupcakes.  The hubs suggested I make a trial batch this last weekend, so I did (and his 3rd period class was never more thankful!):

1.  Because this is practice, I used Funfetti cupcake mix.  I have a really great recipe for homemade cupcake/cake mix that I am thinking I will probably use for Kingston’s birthday cupcakes.

2.  Next, I frosted these lovelies with some blue cream cheese frosting and rolled the cupcake in blue sugar crystals.

3.  For the eyes, I wanted something big and white… and in the future I think I will use some white chocolate baking chips I found with milk chocolate for the pupils.  But for this practice round, I used York Peppermint Patty Pieces with black cake decorating gel.

4.  And for the mouth, I used chewy Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies.  I didn’t really like the way these worked out… so I’m in the market for something much lighter (they seemed a little heavy and had trouble staying upright).

And for a complete glimpse of the finished product…

Ta-da!  I am so proud that I actually tried something new.  I think with a few tweaks, these Cookie Monster cupcakes will be exactly what I am looking for.  Any tips or suggestions are welcome.

ALSO – my friend Cindy and I have something up our sleeve when it comes to Pinterest.  Be excited.


7 thoughts on “Cookie Monster Cupcakes – Take 1

  1. wow. I would feel bad eating it!! you are awesome. I cant wait to see photos of the birthday boy!!

  2. Thanks! I found what I was looking for when it comes to the eyes… so they should turn out GREAT this Saturday. 🙂

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