(possible) Kitchen Island

I’ve been daydreaming around these parts today… daydreaming about potential kitchen islands.  I’ve pretty much determined that a “permanent” cabinet island is not really something I’m after, due to our small-ish kitchen space.  I’ve shared some of my kitchen island ideas before… but here is a new one.  One that my mom pointed out to me this morning.


This piece is currently in our entryway (I’ve been in the mood to redecorate; thanks Pinterest!), but after talking with my mom, it could potentially be transformed into the perfect kitchen island for our home.  We would remove the small, raised upper level and add a butcher block top.  The back of this piece needs some love, which we could spruce up with some bead board or some form of wainscoting.  I would also paint it… maybe black, maybe white, maybe charcoal grey… or maybe a fun pop of color.

But… doesn’t it kinda look like this piece from Ikea:


3 thoughts on “(possible) Kitchen Island

  1. i actually thought about this option last night! i didn’t say anything because i figured you had just moved it to your entry and you probably wanted it to stay there, but i think it would be perfect!

  2. yeah! i don’t know why i hadn’t thought about it before! crazy!! 🙂 now i just have to find something else to spruce up my entryway.

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