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Today marks 3 years since the beginning of my blog.

Can I get a hip hip hooray??  HIP HIP, HOORAY!

I am constantly amazed by how much I truly enjoy blogging… when sister first tried to get me to start a blog, I had a good laugh.  Me, blogging??  Seriously??  But, I have to admit she got me hooked… and I love it.

Having this blog has helped me in several ways, such as:

  • Remembering important family memories.  For example: Raise your right hand if you purchased a baby journal when you were pregnant and vowed to write something every day to document those special 9 months.  My hand is in the air… but if you flip through that journal, you’ll find nothing but blank pages (whoops).  But, because of my blog, I do have those memories and pictures of my Kingston baby bump.  I love that.
  • Improving my photography skills.  Just ask the hubs… pre-blog, I was not-so-much with the photography.  More often than not, you would find my camera at home, collecting dust.  Now, I like to read other blogs for photography advice, tips, etc. – while sharing a few photos of my own.  I am obsessed with my camera and never leave it at home.
  •  Inspiring creativity and a need to do projects.  As sad as it  may sound – this blog has really helped me get in touch with my creative side.  It has been a great way to encourage me to actually complete something I have said I want to do/make/etc… because it makes for interesting blog material (am I right?).  But in all seriousness, this blog really has helped me learn more about my domestic side and my family is ever better because of it.
So, THANK YOU fellow bloggers for every post that you write that may have sparked an idea for me.  THANK YOU readers for reading my daily rambles.  And most importantly… THANK YOU sister for pushing me to start a blog; this blog will be forever grateful.

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