Nothing, really.

The past few days I haven’t really done much of anything, besides work and sleep.  Tomorrow begins my 5-day Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m pretty pumped.  Even though I have to work on making a pie, some goodies, and packing for the weekend away… I’m still pumped.

We’re heading down to Oregon for the weekend – a past Thanksgiving ritual that I have not done in a about four years or so.  I am (again) pretty pumped to be getting away.  Wait… did I mention how PUMPED I am?  Pumped.

For lack of a better post (and a few apologies for what I have written thus far), here are a few photos of our large-and-in-charge 2-year-old from last Friday:

Kingston’s Mimi got him that hat for his birthday… perfect for our little roaring lion.  She is currently selling it, as well as a few other animal-themed kiddo winter hats, at her SALON.  Lion, teddy bear, kitty, penguin, panda… they are all so adorable!  If you live in the greater-Olympia area, I strongly suggest you check them out!

In other news… did I mention our moose little boy had his 2 year well-child visit last Friday?

Kingston, at 2 years old, is:

  • 98% for height (37.5 inches)
  • 98% for weight (35.2 lb.)
  • 99% for head circumference (aka BIG head)
Yep, we grow them big.
And I promise to write something better tomorrow.



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