Christmas Card Photo Session

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a great time with family down in Oregon… and even got to partake in a few Black Friday sales (with no sales tax, yeah!).

One thing we made sure to do was snap a few family photos for Christmas cards this year.  We decided that it would be best to take a few before Thanksgiving dinner, as everyone would be looking their best… and we had time available then.  The one thing we weren’t too sure about was the weather – I definitely wanted outdoor photos for our cards… but wasn’t too keen on the rain that was pouring diagonally outside (thanks, wind!).

Here are a few from our Christmas card photo session:

{The Winner}


{A close second…}

{The Family Photo – for my Mom}

{Sister and Tristan, her Fiance}


I think they turned out pretty great… even if Mother Nature was trying to throw us a curve ball.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Card Photo Session

  1. aww. look at those lovely blondes! you guys all looked great! glad you had a good time and got some very nice pics out of it.

  2. thanks debbie! the weather was definitely crazy enough for us – hard to tell it was pouring rain in the photos too, huh! kingston’s poor little hands were red when we were finished. :-/

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