Visiting Santa Claus.

I knew our Santa visit was going to be a little different this year, when this is all we could get Kingston to do at the tree lighting Friday night when he saw Santa and Mrs. Claus:

But, we wanted to try once more by going to an actual Santa display.  This year, we chose to go out to Alderbrook Resort & Spa.  Let me tell you, the display and decorations did not disappoint!  So very lovely and fun for the kiddos.

This was our compromise.  Neither Kingston nor his cousins were interested in sitting alone on Santa’s lap… so we tricked them.  We had them all sit together in the entrance of the resort in Santa’s sled (far out of Santa’s line of sight), then had Santa sneak up and pose next to them.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

Kingston’s favorite part of the whole visit?  The “choo choo” that was set-up in the lobby.  So darling; every time he heard the train chug around the track, he had to run over and watch it go by.

There was even a spot to write Santa a letter.  Kingston was sure to let Santa know he’s been a very good boy this year.

REAL (and pretty large) ginger bread houses.  Lots of goodies and work put into these things – they are still works in progress, with already 172 hours spent making them look like they do now.


Kingston even warmed up to Santa after awhile… and started a cute little peek-a-boo game.  But… he made sure to check that Santa was still in his chair when we were leaving.  Thank you, Alderbrook, for such a great Santa experience!


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