Christmas babble.

Can I get a high-five, a hip hip hooray, or some other accommodation for my job well done shopping this Christmas?  I am thisclose to finishing my Christmas shopping this year, well within budget… buying thoughtful items that I know the recipients will love.  The remaining items are either coming to our home soon (thanks Amazon!) or are in the form of a gift card.  No more mall this holiday season?  OKAY.

BTW, am I the only person who LOVES to wrap Christmas presents?  No joke – this is how I spent my Saturday night:

Wrapping the above presents while watching “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” with the hubs.

With all the gift wrapping excitement, I also filled Kingston’s stocking a little early (he’s still too young to question).  This year, Kingston is one lucky boy getting the following items:

  • An old-fashioned candy cane
  • Toy Story themed socks for his growing toddler boy feet.
  • Harmonica

Yep, that’s right… a Harmonica.  Kingston loves playing with my recorder from elementary school whenever he visits Nana’s, so I just know the Harmonica will be a hit.

Oh yeah, we can’t wait to hear that “real honky tonk sound.”  Or maybe we will regret the impulse buy of this $4.00 Harmonica… hmm.  Only time will tell.


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