Entryway HELP.

Help.  I need some decorating advice from all you decorating gurus out there.  You see, the closer we get to having our new countertops installed (coming January 13th!)… the closer I will need to figure out what to do with our entryway.

Remember THIS post?  Yeah, my lovely antique filing cabinet will soon get a major overhaul/facelift and become the perfect square island for our kitchen… which means we will be left once again without a plan for our entryway.  As of today, this is what our entryway currently looks like:

The wall you see upon entering our home.

It works… but doesn’t knock my socks off.  I like having the added storage that the drawers provide, but could also probably do without.  In my opinion, it fits the space okay – but not great.  I think I would prefer something a little longer… and possibly a little thinner.  Here’s another shot… one that shows where the front door is in relation to this piece:

See what I mean about the width... and I am thinking no to the idea of another dresser as an entryway piece, given that our TV is on a dresser nearby (as seen above)

The door is diagonally across from the entryway, between the entryway and the stairs.  Thanks to Pinterest and my ever-growing collection of Pottery Barn catalogues, I have a few possibilities up my sleeve…

Please note: the replacement furniture piece does not have to be green... that being said, I love the style of this piece! (Pinterest linked)

LOVE this look - and a great place for people to sit and take off their shoes upon entering our home. (Pinterest Linked)

EVEN BETTER than the last! How adorable is this??? and maybe I could talk the hubs into building me a bench very similar to this... (Pinterest linked)

Another great entryway table... more style than our previous table. (Pinterest Linked)

Another bench option, from the ever classic Pottery Barn. (Pottery Barn linked)

So… what do you think?  Any advice or tips?  What do you think looks best?  I am open to any and all suggestions… and am hoping to convince the hubs this is something we will need to begin work on ASAP…


2 thoughts on “Entryway HELP.

  1. i think i like the long black bench the best…but you might have to raise that picture ledge out of the way of little fingers. 🙂

  2. yeah, i like the bench look a lot! i keep thinking – do i want a console table or a bench? lol, good thing i don’t have to make my decision quite yet!

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