January 2012 Challenge: “Happiness”

On October 29th, this was my happiness.

And right now, our happiness is finally being able to share our baby that we will be welcoming this summer!  I am about 14 weeks along right now – officially into my 2nd trimester.  The 1st trimester was rough and I am so thankful to be done with that now.  We had an ultrasound last Monday…baby looks great and is doing very well.  We are truly blessed.

What is the challenge?  See HERE.


8 thoughts on “January 2012 Challenge: “Happiness”

  1. i cant believe you kept it a secret so long, good job.. i am super duper excited for you guys, i just wish i had a little bundle on the way too so we could have two kids in school together.. but congrats again!! 🙂

  2. YEAH! That would be awesome! I am hoping you will have another one soon, too! 🙂 I mean, you need to tell daniel – ridge is too cute to not have another! 😉

  3. Thanks Brooke! We are so excited to add a new little addition to our family – love seeing how the transition has been for yours! 🙂

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