Another lil’ love.

{14 weeks-ish}

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this yet!  This is a copy of our dating ultrasound, which was done around 14 weeks (about a month ago).  Any guesses as to what baby could be (they say you can tell as early as 15 weeks…)???

This pregnancy has been so different for me – morning sickness, food aversions, sudden hunger pangs, tired in 2nd trimester instead of 1st… and a slightly bigger baby.  At this ultrasound, our baby measured approximately the right date – except for the baby’s big ol’ noggin (a Cahoon-sized head).  Because the baby’s head measured a few days ahead of the baby’s body, our due date was switched to July 3rd.

And I had my first pregnancy-induced dream the other night… it involved a baby with feet like the hind-paws of a cat.  Yep, gotta love them apples.  Here’s to hoping our baby has human feet when we see him or her in our next ultrasound on February 24th…


6 thoughts on “Another lil’ love.

  1. oh yikes!! yeah… my dream was hilarious. the feet literally looked like Raul’s… and my dad had bought cute little shoes for the baby, and i cried because they didn’t fit! lol. funny preggo dreams.

  2. you are more tired now because you have a toddler, and the bigger baby/showing earlier that is because this is your second. i was bigger faster at first and then slowed way down and never got nearly as big as with taylor. but she was a girl and he was a boy. both were totally opposite and 180 dgree different in every way. i am hoping for a girl, i can so see a little fluffy girl with ribbons and bows

  3. Last night I was watching a youtube video and this girl did this pee test called intelligender or something… ( just for fun, it was funny. Hers was half green half yellow so she still doesn’t even have a hunch- not that that would predict correctly anyway. It would be fun to try out though if it was cheap!

  4. yeah – but the baby is actually bigger in size than kingston was (thus the due date switch-a-roo), too. 🙂 i am curious to see if that was just a big growth spurt at our 14 week-ish ultrasound, or if the baby will still be a bit bigger (kingston was always exactly the right size for the date).

  5. ha ha ha – yeah, i dunno how i feel about that gender test. 🙂 i did an online one (chinese gender predictor thing) on… said this one would be a girl… and was right when predicting kingston would be a boy two years ago… so we’ll see! 🙂

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