Upcycled Kitchen Island

I have been pretty happy with how our kitchen has been transforming – little by little, we’re really making it our own.  With the removal of the bar/peninsula from our old kitchen set-up (remember THIS?)… and living with limited counter space for a bit… we decided that we should add an island to our cozy kitchen.  So, here is what we decided on:

We LOVE it.  The island is the perfect size, adds more storage, gives some color and pizzaz… what more could you ask for in an upcycled furniture piece?  I had originally thought I would want to paint it and add something to the back side of this piece… but now I’m re-thinking that. I kind of love the way it has scratches, bumps, and bruises here and there…

Oh, and here is a picture with the new counter tops and subway tile:



2 thoughts on “Upcycled Kitchen Island

  1. I love this cabinet. I totally would love to do something like that someday when we remodel our kitchen and put in an island but not a traditional one, I like this look with a cabinet that makes a statement but is functional. Very cute!

  2. thanks! i know – we absolutely LOVE it! something different… but still functional. and – it only cost us $25 for the base! not too shabby…

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