New threads.

I picked up this white onesie from H&M this weekend.  I loved the side snaps and couldn’t resist it’s sweetness.

Don’t be fooled by its gender neutral-ness… I am hoping that we get to find out the sex of Baby Cahoon #2 this Friday (hooray!).  Another boy or a girl; we will see!  The hubs has his guess…. and I have taken a few so-called “gender quizzes” online (ummm… geek…), so I can’t wait to see if the predictions are correct or not.  I will say this:  I took the same quizzes geared toward my pregnancy with Kingston, and they all said I was having a boy.  With that said, the hubs likes to remind me that the quizzes have a 50/50 shot of being correct…

So, here’s hoping for a cooperative (and healthy, of course) baby!


4 thoughts on “New threads.

  1. I hope he/she cooperates as well! I love knowing ahead of time so I can get planning and be prepared. I’m excited for you and am looking forward to your announcement later this week : ).

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