The cousins.

The hubs’ siblings were in town with their kiddos this weekend, so we spent some time over at the in-laws home enjoying each others company.  Kingston was thrilled – especially to see Brooklyn.  And I think the feeling was mutual, as Brooklyn said “Kingston, you’re my best friend” on Saturday night (awww).

4 girls and 1 boy; Kingston was definitely outnumbered… but that didn’t stop him from having a blast!  Running laps, playing under the dining room table, finding toys in the ottoman, jumping on couch cushions, going for walks, screaming matches, dancing, eating yummy food… Unfortunately I didn’t keep my camera on me to capture all of the busy chaos!

Mia (2), Kingston (2), Tatyana (1), and Brooklyn (3) loved to play under the in-law’s dining room table.  They would take all their treasures under there… including the two flashlights Kingston and Mia are holding.

Mimi and Papa’s toys are always a hit…

And of course, one of Brooklyn and Kingston.  The one picture I forgot to take was of baby Emma – only 8 months old, she wasn’t quite ready to play with the 4 (although she wanted to!).  What a great weekend!


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