He got GAME.

We have a little slugger on our hands, folks.  I’m pretty sure Kingston will be into baseball just as much as his daddy is.  Since baseball season started, Kingston and the hubs have been palling around the ball field most weekends.

They practice hitting balls off a tee; lefty, of course.

Check out that stance!

Proud as punch.

Pretty excited and ready for more.

Kingston also likes to enjoy everything the field has to offer when he’s there:

“Run!… Run!…”
Lots and lots of space for running.

 D I R T.

And probably his favorite, “Tra-tor!”

B.T.Dubs: Why have I not been a responsible blogger, you ask?  Can I answer with some semi-spring weather (the past 2 weekends) + the hubs’ baseball schedule (he is the pitching coach for the HS kiddos) + one toddler-filled pregnancy?  I promise I’ll try to do better.  I once accused sister‘s blog of being so boring it was more fun to watch paint dry… hmmm.


4 thoughts on “He got GAME.

  1. Aww what a cutie! My kiddo watched a middle school baseball game the other week and loved it! We got him baseball books from the library.

  2. How cute are those two?! I love it- what a good little baseball player you’re going to have!

  3. that is a great idea! we have a berenstein bear book about baseball, but we could use a few more. 🙂 plus, our boy’s room is baseball-themed. let’s hope he really does like baseball! lol

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