And so it begins…

It is Potty Training week here at the Cahoon household, hip hip hooray!

“So, what do you think Kingston?”

Kingston isn’t so sure.

With the hubs on spring break this week, we thought it would be a good time to start hammering out what we pray won’t be a long process… but most likely will be, with a stubborn boy like ours.  The boy is definitely ready, though; he has great bladder control, doesn’t want to wear his diapers anymore – but doesn’t like to be wet – and has shown interest in his potty chair.

Here is a list of the essentials we have ready:

  • Potty chair
  • Big boy underpants (2 packs)
  • Stickers & miscellaneous celebration goodies
  • Lots of clean towels & cleaning supplies
  • Costco-size laundry detergent

With today almost done, we have found the boy has no trouble holding it… but he has yet to go in the potty.  Instead, he treats the potty like a toy (pretend potty sounds included)…

While I’ll be at work this week, the hubs will have the joy of working on this… so any and all suggestions for an easy potty training experience are welcome!  What helped you and your kiddo successfully make it through this process?  Anything we’re missing from the list?


6 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Sorry no tips here; we haven’t even formally started any training and just recently got him to pee by accident on the potty. Good luck to you and hope it all works out smoothly!

  2. thanks! we had an okay first day – like i said, the boy has some bladder control. but i think we need to up the liquids to get him practicing more often…

  3. does he watch trev go? taylor would watch and grampa go. my dad throew cherio’s in the potty (clean, dry and nothing in it), taylor got the cherios out and ate them… so we just got a short stool and put it in front of the big potty and he went. we also let him “water” the bushes in the back yard to get the idea of peeing standing up. deb

  4. good ideas! we will definitely use those once we transition into standing up – right now we are focused on just sitting on the potty (stubborn boy here). but he is coming around… and he prefers the real toilet vs. the toddler potty training toilets.

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